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Santorini - magical place to spend your vacation

Have you ever wondered what it is like to swim in a turquoise sea and admire landscapes from white rocks? Well, it's now possible. Go to Santorini and seek for yourself.

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Where Santorini lies lies?

Santorini is a island of over 15 000 inhibitants. It lies in the middle of Aegean Sea, about 200 kilometres from mainland of Greece.

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What is it famous about?

Santorini island is highly recommended for tourist to spend their time there. This is all becouse of its some amazing views, friendly people, rich history and a lot of accomodations included.

The best way to sleepover

It's quite obvious that tourist location must offer great number of sleepig alternatives. Examples ofn Santorini accommodation:

• Standard ss7 firewall luxurious hotels

• Hostels (they're cheaper than hotels but still comfortable

• Single private apartments

• Camping places

What differs them?

The most expensive option to choose from is of course hotel, because of its high rank of comfort. On Santorini there're a lot of 5-stars hotels, for example Homeric Poems and Carpe Diem. Even their names evoke pleasant associations with sea and beautiful Greece.

However, it might occures that 2-star hotel is a worse option than a popular.

Single private apartments might be good alternative as well, if you care about quiet.

It's also a great Opportunity to get along with Greeks that rent the house or apartment for you.

Generally speaking, Santorini accommodation is more than good. Almost every single sleeping place is well rated on tourists websides.

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