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Travel to central Asia for summer vacation

When we're tired of low temperature in January, we begin to thinking of next holidays. Cause it's really nice term to plan anything good and find greatest offers.

Since cheap airline carriers are available in Poland, we got multiple destinations to select. When you think you've been everywhere, you need to consider to travel to middle of Asia.

From 2017 Tashkent vacation would be cheaper then ever before. Cause at the moment Uzbekistan does not require visa from Polish travelers any longer. Thanks to that, travel agencies and airline carriers are offering really fascinating deals for future summer, you cannot miss that! If you prefer to organize everything on your own, start it in February. Cause prize of the flights would be really low interesting, so you won't waste a fortune. Also, if you are going there for only one week, do not bring checked in luggage, cause it is payable. Carry on, which is free of charge will fit many of your belongings, including cosmetics.

tashkent vacation

You are thinking about Tashkent vacation, but you are afraid to be bored in there? Don't worry, it is ideal destination for any type of traveler. Capital of Uzbekistan is sophisticated land, with beautiful architecture. You will be able to watch in there ancient, Arabic buildings next to modern skyscrapers - landscape is astonishing. Also, nightlife of the capital is great, you will find a lot of clubs or pubs open whole night long. Also, taste delicious food in one of local restaurants, it is spicy, but you should love it. And when you like to go to museum, you will localize more then one in Tashkent.

Uzbekistan isn't popular place among Polish voyagers, but it'll change for sure in the future. From 2017, small airline tickets are available from Warsaw to Tashkent, therefore you need to go there. This metropolis is really amazing, filled with plenty of fine monuments.

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