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What is the current situation in the tourism sector? Is it more likely to continue its development or might we rather be in front of some stagnation?

Rising percentage of people contemporarily tend to be interested in travelling. It is connected with the fact that never it has been so easily available as it is these days. We may then systematically hear about many young people, who tend to travel even thousands of kilometers for free. However, this is usually referred to substantial risk, which maybe not everybody would like to take.

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For this kind people the offer of goods is growing each year. Inter alia if we would like to find out what is it like to be more involved in the sphere of tourism, we may rapidly get to know that the assortment of different carriers is really impressive. In addition, we might choose from plenty carriers, as well as various means of transport, like inter alia airplane, bus, train, bike, hitchhiking etc. Another crucial fact is related to the easiness of acquiring tickets, which is possible to be done online owing to miscellaneous reservation systems.

That’s the reason why, if we would like to meet different places on our planet, we are likely to be certain that the progress in the topic of tourism offers us many possibilities to do that. For instance we can travel with an airplane to another country really quickly and frequently in a really interesting price, which is referred to the fact that this is an element of marketing strategy of carriers like for example RyanAir or WizzAir, which would like to make more people get to know what is it like to travel thousands of kilometers in some hours. This also indicates that contemporarily we have quite plenty of opportunities in terms of travelling, which is certainly something positive.

Prepared by: Ashley Van Haeften
To sum up, in the top presented factors might prove that the topic of tourism currently in majority of countries continues to develop.

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Therefore, we should also keep in mind that visiting other countries and having pleasure from it has never been so broadly available as it is at present, which indicates that if we have appropriate money and time, there is nothing that can stop us from getting to know various places on the globe.

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