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How to wear sneakers and look trendy

These days, sport shoes are very famous. Almost everybody has at least 1 pair of sneakers in their wardrobe. It looks cool as well as trendy together with almost every stylization! No matter if it is a sporty one, or even elegant one.
No matter if you choose nike sport shoes or adidas sneakers (useful site).
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The choice is genuinely wide and you can choose from many models and companies.

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Nonetheless, there are some basic rules regarding wearing sport shoes that you should know. If you stick to these rules, you could be more than sure that you will be looking amazing!

Lots of guys wear sneakers together with jeans. This seems to be the most comfortable combination for an everyday outfit. Nevertheless, there is one thing you should know if you want this outfit to look good: remember about exposing your ankle! It doesn’t really matter if you wear sneakers with a boyfriend jeans or any other model, if only your ankle is visible. Too long [antlegs, that cover a top of sneakers (learn more), does not look nice nor trendy at all. Consequently, you should avoid it despite everything.

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This simple advice will enable you to never look frumpy while wearing sneakers and jeans at the same time. And keep in mind another things – no socks are meant to be visible in that outfit! Naked ankle is what we a must!

You can also wear nike sport shoes with very casual clothes, e.g., tights and leggings. However, you have to remember in that case to pick up a little more “dressy” sneakers. As a result of this, you would look stylish, not like going to a gym. In consequence, keep in mind the following suggestions – mix various styles. If your outfit is pretty simple and sporty, go for more “dressy” sporty shoes. If your outfit is more formal, you should choose simple as well as sporty shoes. Such contrast seems to be the key!

Prepared by: Designerschuhe, Taschen und Accessoires
Above mentioned tip is relevant also in case of wearing Sport shoes with a dress. If a dress is pretty feminine, your shoes should be quite casual. Don’t be scared of messing with your style! If you are brave enough, you will look original and trendy, so it is really worth an effort!

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