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Today, there are more and more organizations which are doing the online projects. The companies sometimes work for many users and employ lots of outsourced helpers from assorted branches. Moreover, some of those companies hire only few workers permanently and rest of the staff work when the company requires them, in the huge projects.

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The supervisors of those businesses have to deal with each difficultly which happen during managing such a quantity of people. More and more of them make a use of assorted software, including online time tracking. The tool (miner tools) helps them in participating with numerous of men and ladies and complete every job on time. What is more, many of the applications are presented for 100 % free, so the people do not must stress for extra expenses. The standard version is appropriate for small organizations and for few freelancers who would like to work together. For people who are interesting about it: chceck time tracking.

Some fundamental functions of free version are:
• Tracking time – it is the fundamental characteristic of the tool – it determines the time which you dedicate to complete the offered task. You can click the ‘start’ key when you start the duty and push ‘end’ button when you finish or you can set it immediately. Then the time starts to count when you begin to work in many software.

• Limitless quantity of projects and consumers – in the standard model you are able to start different number of another jobs and establish the data of any clients you wish.
• Reports – the pc program offers you the ability to monitor the development you have made in developing of your tasks and gives you responses how much time did you spend on the newest tasks. It is very helpful tool while planning your future job (see

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• The skill of working in teams consisted up to five co-workers – the software was designed to help organizing the team work. In the standard version, there is a chance to work on the same task in the same moment, even hundreds miles apart. It is a big innovation which lets to combine the team of just the best employees.

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