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smart phone market - good idea for business.

Nowadays everyone’ve got a cell phone. More and more customers are buying the smart phones. The producents don’t give so much choice. An old fashioned phones are not that often produced and not necessarly cheap.
For sure you can find plenty of them in a second-hand shops. For special occasions you can still find brand-new ones. They are usually made for special- needs customers e.g. seniors or factory workers.

Nevertheless smart phones are still the most popular ones. Mobile sales are among the most active market. Customers needs to purchase cell phones in daily life. Very often the prices aren't that high. Customers don’t need to save so much money as in case of plasma.

Mobile Sales
Prepared by: Jorge Láscar
Another thinkg is that they are damaging very fast. (SFA software) Almost everyone who've got his orher cell phone for a long time have a “spider” on the screen. Besides some people say that when the guarantee period is 2 years, the mobile phone is made to work without any damages 2 years and 2 months. For sure smart phones aren't that stable as the old mobile phones.

Mobile producents claim the price is adequate for 2 years of working. After those time the cell phone is used and in brand new ones there is much higher technology applied. plenty of sales operators offer low prices for the phones subscription - source.

We need to remember that customers are also purchasing smart phones for entertainment. Recently Pokemon game is the most popular app. Apart from that parents also use their mobiles to keep childrens' busy.

Mobile sales isn't only cell phones itself. It is also great variety of accesories e.g. cases, adapters, headsets, screen protectors. Often such brands are offering another services such as special protection, unlocking, installing hotspot etc. - Mobile and Sales.
The Smart phones sale is very lively market.

Customers purchase and will purchase cell phones. There is many functions to improve. A cell phone should to provide us fun, so new traits are always well seen.

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