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You like to spend holidays in a charming city? Choose Krakow!

Nowadays, a lot of Polish citizens are staying at London. Plenty of them are working in here, another part is also studying. Thanks to that, there are plenty of not expensive plane tickets affordable. You are able to find flights from London to Krakow for couple dozens of Pounds. And when you have never been in Poland before, former capital of it could be the perfect spot. It is very old, but you should locate there a lot of attractions for younger tourists also. So stop hesitate now, and locate any fine deal on flights to Krakow, right now.
When you really want to tour for a song, you have to know several things. First, term should be very distant or really close to your booking date. Because last and first minute deals are the greatest. So when you like to tour to Poland, try to locate some flights to Krakow at least half a year before your journey, it is the finest way. Beside, avoid famous dates, like Easter or public holidays, it is the most popular to travel then, so it would be expensive. Another important thing is to locate some room to sleep. In most of bigger metropolis in Poland, many of hotels are situated close to the old cities, the same is with Krakow (click there). You can use your browser, or only select any popular website with services like that. You may book your room there, in chosen date and area, and you can pay for it when you arrived in the city. When you already located fine flights from London to Krakow, and booked room into great hostel, you are ready for your journey.
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After you arrive in Krakow, you will have to take a cab, to go to the old town, but do not be afraid it is not very costly. Next great thing, is that most of the Polish citizens, mainly younger ones, are speaking in English. So do not be ashamed to ask something any people who are walking you by. First area you have to explore is old town. You should find there a Mariacki Church, magnificent Gothic temple, with breathtaking altar inside. Beside, stained-glasses are worth to be seen. Not really distant from it, you should notice Sukiennice, exact in the center of the square This large building use to be a market area. Today, you may buy there many of gifts from your trip. Not so far away from the center, you could find Wawel Hill. On the top of it is situated Royal Castle, former home of Polish Kings. It was created in the Middle-Ages, but it was overhauled many times. On the same hill, you could find cave, where according to legends, horrible dragon use to live. But Krakow is not only about sightseeing, it is also about party. If you like to grab a beer at night, at the center you will find plenty of bars with great music, tasty alcohol and friendly people.
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If you are choosing to reserve flights to Krakow, you have to know couple things, such as the finest term, great hotel, and typical information about Poland. But after you will collected all the data you require, you are ready for your adventure. So pack your baggage and enjoy your stay, you shouldn't regret this journey, likely.

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